What I've Read This Week / by Todd Yarbrough

I wrote about tax reform a few weeks ago, mostly describing how what we call tax reform isn't really reform at all, it's just tax cuts. This from the Tax Policy Center's Steuerle is a good breakdown of advice for how we may got about reforming the tax code: Eight Lessons on How to Design Tax Reform

More on corporate tax reform from The Center for Equitable Growth

Researchers often use the number of Pell Grant recipients as a proxy for the number of low income students enrolled. Brookings Econ takes a deep dive into the program and explains why the Pell Grant proxy is flawed.: The Pell Grant proxy: A ubiquitous but flawed measure of low-income student enrollment

Here is a super interesting paper which uses machine learning to measure the efficiency of energy enhancing projects among K-12 California schools. Preliminary findings suggest that cost-benefit assessments which use engineering assessment for calculating energy savings are over-optimistic by more than 50%: Machine Learning from Schools about Energy Efficiency

We've finally seen two neutron stars collide!

Trump's EPA is swearing off litigation settlements

Homes are getting smaller

How do Americans feel about taxing capital? 

CBPP estimates that expanding EITC would create dramatic improvements for American workers

Modern day entrepreneurship is trending toward inefficient rent-seeking

Very interesting paper on 'populism'

Interesting story about a time when some cities were really trying innovate what the concept meant

Potentially very important work on gender issues in economic disciplines, a real deep dive

The Rise and Fall and Rise of the Gowanus Canal

Paul Krugman takes a swing at conservative tax charlatans

Paper seems to help confirm what professors have long argued. That colleges and universities have priorities (Research!) and metrics (course evaluations) that appear correlated with grade inflation

More evidence that rent control is a bad idea

Good blog post on the need for sound fiscal policy