50 Distinct Stories of Population Dynamics / by Todd Yarbrough

There is a real tendency to look at population dynamics and assume that across a given country, that those dynamics will tend to be similar. That what is happening in some sub-country level of geographic designation (i.e. states) is happening across all entities within that level. In other words, there is a tendency to assume that if populations are rising in one state, that they are likely rising in another. But take a look at population estimates (from the U.S. Census) below. 


As you can see, some are rising over the time trend while others seem flat. Some fall then rise, some rise then fall, and others don't seem to move at all. When ascribing reasons for population dynamics, we shouldn't be quick to generalize those trends across states. It is likely instead that population dynamics truly are state-specific, and we have 50 different stories to tell when it comes to U.S. state population dynamics. 

More on population to come...